Poster Abstracts

Poster Abstracts

Poster 1: Elif Gizem Kain: “Neural Circuits of Pattern Separation and Novelty Detection in Dentate Gyrus”

Poster 2: Sara Enrile Lacalle: “Modelling fragile X-associated neuropsychiatric disorders in an inducible mouse model: Increased anxiety and reduced parvalbumin-positive interneurons”

Poster3: Daniel Frías Donaire: “Modulation of in vitro high-frequency network oscillations in the anterior cingulate cortex via corticosteroids” 

Poster 4: Eleonora Cuboni: “Neddylation at the synapse: functional implications for high risk ageing”

Poster 5: Katharina Klinger: “Maintaining neuroplasticity in healthy ageing: critical role of Neuropeptide Y”

Poster 6: Manon Rivagorda: “Role of the neuronal primary cilia-autophagy axis in the regulation of cognition and brain plasticity”

Poster 7: Jonathan Hils: “Anticholinergic agent diminishes feedback learning in healthy participants” 

Poster 8: Wanshu Zhou: “Vascular dysregulation in altitudinal visual field defects in glaucoma”

Poster 9: Priyadharshini Prabhakar: “Astroglial protein dynamics reflected in an age-dependent manner”

Poster 10: Asli Sengezer: “Subjective Cognitive Decline in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease”

Poster 11: Michael Okafor: “Design of copper-selective peptidic shuttles to prevent β-amyloid toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Poster 12: Mareike Ludwig: “Higher Locus Coeruleus activation in older adults associated with subsequent memory effects for negative events”

Poster 13: Linda Kulka: “Proteasome shuttling factors modulate the pattern of surface proteins of extracellular vesicles in a polyglutamine disease model”

Poster 14: Elisa Lancini: “CSF and PET biomarkers for noradrenergic dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease: asystematic review and meta-analysis”

Poster 15: Lukas Höhn: “Brevican and neurocan cleavage products in the cerebrospinal fluid – differential occurrence in ALS, epilepsy and small vessel disease”

Poster 16: Alexandre Ryzynski: “Role of Calneuron-1 in psychiatric disorders”

Poster 17: Gerçek Çiçek: “Decision Making in Old age: An Elderly-Friendly Educational Intervention”

Poster 18: Kevin Jonischkies: „Effect of NDR2 overexpression on neuronal autophagy”