Once again, we would like to thank our more than 120 participants and speakers for such a successful conference in the heart of Magdeburg.
After the great start with our Public Lecture on “Adult Cognitive Development”, we proudly look back on two wonderful days full of great presentations, scientific discussions and networking meetings. An overview of our program can be found here.

We are particularly grateful to our guest speakers Elena Alberei, Pablo Largo-Barrientos, Rommy von Bernhardi, Rochelle Buffenstein, Claudia Cavadas, James H. Cole, Aleksandra Deczkowska, Carlos G. Dotti, Rogier A. Kievit, Janine Kirstein, Ulman Lindenberger, Anna Rieckmann, Sabina Tahirovic and Saul Villeda.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the Johanniskirche for hosting and thank Gastro Concept for Catering, the LIN and Medical Faculty of OVGU for their poster walls. We especially thank Ralf Melcher and his team from Melcher Medientechnik who made our conference an outstanding hybrid event.

Thanks to everyone who participated in ISYNC 2022! Certificates of attendance can be requested here.